Condensing Boilers

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High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

Condensing Boilers: Everything You Need to Know

A consumer guide to these super high-efficiency systems

Introduction: What is a Condensing Boiler

A condensing boiler is a boiler that is super efficient and therefore fuel- and money-saving. Condensing boilers are designed to capture and reuse energy that conventional furnaces and boilers discharge. The name “Condensing Boiler” describes what these systems do: literally condensing the water vapor produced by the conventional consumption of gas or oil in the boiler or furnace. The heat involved in the vaporization process can be used to heat your home.

The process is actually quite simple: Water vapor in the form of steam is produced by normal boilers due to the combustion of hydrogen in the fuel being used. This vapor turns to steam and is quickly released out a chimney pipe. You would not want that steam to stick around your conventional boiler since it is highly acidic and very corrosive to the boiler.

Engineers who develop HVAC technology realized that it was too bad that all of this steam was escaping since in their minds heat equals energy. There was a realization that if a system could be designed that used this heat energy and was resistant to its harmful effects, a win-win would be attained. This is how the idea of condensing boilers came about.

As of 2013, condensing boiler sales are rising at a fast pace. Homeowners are looking for simple and easy alternatives to conventional heating, cooling, and power systems and while the use of full renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power are not yet mainstream, super high-efficiency systems that can be easily installed and run on conventional fuel are becoming more popular. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about these green alternative energy systems! Thank you for visiting and learning more about high-efficiency condensing and combi boilers!  The next time someone asks “What is a condensing boiler?”, you will know the answer!

Next time you look at your furnace chimney, realize that your current conventional boiler is losing valuable heat and energy each time it is used, and imagine a system that, instead of allowing this heated air to escape, would put it to good use.

Condensing boilers are based on a remarkably simple concept, and are an elegant yet powerful solution for those who want to get more energy efficiency out of their home energy system.

About the “Condensing Boiler Review” Website

We aim to cover the basics of condensing boiler operation, including the advantages of installing one of these alternative energy systems as well as the potential drawbacks.  We will also cover advances in the technology behind these systems, and improvements in installation methods.  Our aim is to help prospective consumers become educated before their purchase and to get more people excited about the possibilities involved with currently available alternative energy for the home.  Our website is divided into the following pages in order to provide you with a comprehensive condensing boiler review:

- Our Blog covers the very latest news and information about condensing boilers

- Our Buyer’s Guide provides information and advice about purchasing the best condensing boiler

- Our Fact Sheet is an informative and educational list of what you need to know

- Our Top 10 lists the benefits of a high-efficiency condensing boiler

- How They Work Describes the mechanics behind condensing boilers, once again answering that question “what is a condensing boiler?”

- Installation provides the information a consumer needs to know about how these systems are installed

- Upkeep describes how a condensing boiler needs to be maintained

- Related Resources covers other similar high-efficiency systems

About Us: Why we are providing this Condensing Boiler Review

Thank you for visiting with us.  We are a fully independent site covering the latest news and information about high-efficiency condensing boilers and related alternative energy technologies for the home.  We are not directly affiliated with any manufacturer or installer of condensing boilers and are not in the condensing boiler business ourselves.  Thus we can keep our website fully unbiased.  Our motives have to do with our excitement about this alternative home energy resource and the technology behind it, and our hope that people will consider it so that they can save money and conserve energy.  Again, we want to answer the question “what is a condensing boiler?”

High efficiency condensing boilers and combi boilers are simple and based on proven technology.  They are already in widespread use in some parts of the world and we anticipate that they could really take off everywhere soon.  We hope that our site can play a small part in helping to generate fact-based excitement about this technology without leaving out any drawbacks or challenges.

Our website will also cover other alternative energy technologies, with a focus on how you can use truly renewable energy sources to power a condensing boiler.  We are related to the site Green Home Energy Today, and want to promote both alternative energy technologies that conserve energy and also renewable energy resources that do not use fossil fuels.

Thank you for visiting with us, and for your interest in these high-efficiency alternative energy systems.  We believe in the technology behind condensing boilers and look forward to continuing to provide information, advice, and updates.  We welcome your input if you have looked into a condensing boiler yourself or have experience with them.  We cannot accept comments that promote any brand or service related to these units so that we can keep our website truly unbiased.  If you are a professional and want to answer a question that is posted in the comments section, that is fine as long as your answer is not overly promotional.

Disclaimer: Limits to the Information here

This site provides independent and unbiased advice about condensing boilers and related alternative home energy sources. While we give general information about the costs, benefits, and advantages of these systems, we cannot give you unique advice about how a high-efficiency condensing boiler would work in your home. You may want to get an independent specific evaluation before installing this type of energy system in your home.

We also cannot guarantee that answers given by our readers in the comments section are accurate.  While we do filter comments made by professionals if they seem overly promotional, we do allow people to offer answers.  Please always check with someone who can asses your home.

Condensing Boiler Review Copyright

All information on this website about Condensing Boilers and related alternative energy possibilities for the home is original and protected by copyright. We may allow other websites that cover high-efficiency condensing boilers to use the content herein but only with prior approval and proper attribution. Otherwise we reserve all rights to the information we create for this website.  If you submit comments or other information that we publish – whether you are a consumer who is considering a condensing boiler or combi boiler or you are an HVAC professional answering a question, you (and not we) retain copyright protection and rights over what you submit.

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