Feb 062013
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The Latest Information and Advice About Condensing Boilers

This blog will cover the very latest news and information about condensing boilers, including the very latest in technological advances and improvements.  We will also cover various government incentives, as well as other benefits to choosing this technology for your home.  We will be updating this page often, so please check back.

Condensing boilers are currently at an advanced state, yet advancements happen all the time, whether in the actual boilers themselves, or how they are installed and used.  We aim to use this page to ensure that any potential buyer of a condensing boiler has the most up-to-date information and advice.  That is not to say that we will let the information on our other pages stagnate, since we will also be updating them as well.

At times we will accept guest posts from people who are experts in the condensing boiler field, but only those posts that are unbiased and truly non-promotional.  We aim to retain our independence, but do want to tap into the knowledge of the condensing boiler community.  We will also accept guest posts from people who have installed condensing boilers and want to share the benefits or drawbacks they ran into.  You can also use the comment form to contribute.

This page is organized into the following easy to search categories:

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