Jun 052013
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There are many positive surprises that come with installing a condensing boiler in your home or small business.  You might be interested to know that the first surprise is not the money that can be saved or the efficiency these boilers bring.  Part of the reason these aren’t the first thing that are noticed of course is that it takes a few months to see the reduction in energy bills.  The first surprise is not cost either.  Even though condensing boilers have become more affordable they are still not cheap, and while the extra money you might spend will be recouped in savings the price is usually well-known by the time the purchase is made.

The first and perhaps biggest surprise that comes withe installing a condensing boiler is the small size and the ease of installing the system in a convenient place that is out-of-the-way.  Boilers in general have gotten smaller, and condensing boilers, especially when they are replacing older conventional systems, leave a lot of room.  Many homeowners appreciate the extra space they gain, both because that space is usable and for aesthetics.

Does the smaller footprint of a condensing boiler mean they are any less effective or powerful?  It does not.  In fact, condensing boilers despite being smaller are super high-efficiency systems that work well in a smaller space by design.  Any worry that homeowner has that the smaller unit is somehow sacrificing either efficiency or power goes away quickly.  It is merely a win-win that this system can be so efficient yet so small.

And the best part of all – the first surprise may be how small the condensing boiler is and how much room it frees up, but the biggest surprise still comes later when the homeowner sees how much money can be saved with this high-efficiency system.

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