May 102013
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Combi boilers are becoming extremely popular, and for good reason.  These condensing boilers take up very little space and give hot water on demand.  The fact that they are so compact and efficient makes them popular with many homeowners, especially of course those looking to do something else with the space saved.  In addition, combi boilers also do not require you to wait until a tank is refilled before you have hot water again, another very popular feature.  So a combi-boiler is for everyone and the decision is easy, right?  Not necessarily.

There is a limit to how much hot water a condensing boiler of the combi boiler type can heat.  For bigger homes with higher demand, this could be a problem. For example, combi boilers can provide maximum water pressure in only one place in the home at a time.  If several family members tend to have hot water needs at once, this could be a problem. Also, given that combi boilers do not leave hot water at the ready like system condensing boilers do, you will have a short period where you have to wait for the combi boiler’s burner to warm up before hot water will be produced if the system has not been used for a while.

A less important problem, but one you should be aware of, is that a combi boiler does not leave any hot water available if there is a power outage.  A system condensing boiler with a tank will leave a little hot water available at least for a time, but a combi boiler will not be able to make hot water on demand.

The benefits of a combi boiler are very clear, but you will need to assess your hot water needs both now and for the future of this type of condensing boiler’s installation to be sure it is the correct product for you.

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